NO Tampering of National Register of Registrants Database at GECOM

9 January, 2020, GEORGETOWN – The Guyana Elections Commission has noted with much concern a statement in the public domain purportedly issued by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic under the caption, “Tampering with the NRR at GECOM’.

The accusations penned in the statement are baseless and designed to cause confusion in the public domain particularly as it relates to the administrative and operational procedures of the Secretariat in the preparation and production of the list.

GECOM  has  vehemently  assured  electors  on  several  occasions  that  the  data garnered  from  the  House-to-House Registration exercise would be used in the preparation of the list for General and Regional Elections. Chairperson Justice Claudette Singh had emphasized on several occasions the ruling of the Chief Justice that the House-to-House process was lawful and not unconstitutional and therefore the data garnered from such process must also be lawful and not unconstitutional.

With the publication of the Revised List of Electors (RLE), it was recognized that a number of eligible electors whose addresses and other information were updated during the House-to-House exercise were not reflected on the RLE. In this regard, an administrative process is being conducted to ensure that electors are placed within their correct divisions for voting. Failure to conduct this necessary exercise may very well result in electors being displaced and unable to vote at a polling station in their area.

The Revised List of Electors has been posted for public scrutiny and electors are urged to check and verify their information at locations in their respective areas or on the GECOM’s website. If there has been any inadvertence on the part of GECOM, electors are advised to immediately visit the GECOM Registration Office to have the information updated accordingly.

Free, fair and transparent processes in the production of a credible list is the hallmark of credible elections. The Guyana Elections Commission will ensure that the name of every registered eligible elector is properly accounted for on the Official List of Electors.

The Guyana Elections Commission is therefore urging the citizenry not to give any credence to false information in the public domain and wishes to assure the electorate that every endeavor will be made by GECOM to deliver credible elections.

For media queries, please contact:

Ms. Yolanda Ward

Public Relations Officer

Guyana Elections Commission  | 225-0277-9 Ext 187