Notice of violation along public roads & road reserves

The Ministry of Public Works wishes to inform the general public that it is an offence under the Road Act of the Laws of Guyana, Chapter 51:01, to encumber roadways and road reserves.

We have observed that main roadways along the East Bank, East Coast, West Bank and West Coast Demerara Public Roads, as well as the Sheriff St and Mandela Av roadways, are increasingly encumbered by equipment, trucks and trailers such as those shown below that were observed along Sheriff St and Mandela Av. This is an unsafe practice due to the risk of accidents and injuries to road users and must be discontinued.

The Ministry of Public Works hereby states that all such encumbrances on roadways and road reserves must be removed with immediate effect. Failure to comply will result in the Ministry utilizing all appropriate measures to have those encumbrances removed and charges administered in accordance with Chapter 51:01 of the Road Act of the Laws of Guyana.

The Ministry looks forward to your immediate cooperation in this regard.

The above shown vehicles & trailers are encumbering the Sheriff St and Mandela Av Roadways