Nursery and primary school students return to classrooms in Region Six

The Region Six nursery and primary students’ turnout was visibly high as schools officially reopened. Many parents were seen accompanying their children to the respective schools early Monday morning.

The DPI team was in the region and spoke to several parents, who shared their views on the reopening of schools for face-face learning, as well as the vaccination campaign for adolescents.

Mibicuri Primary School students settling in for their first day

Shamwattie Ramotar, a mother of two expressed her gratitude that children across the country have been allowed to return to school, as it was difficult to maintain studies online. 

“We feel very good because the children are now getting back to their education.”

Stephanie Lindo, a mother of three said the reopening of school, especially the Mibicuri Nursery, has made her son quite happy, since he has been staying at home for some time.

Parent, Gaitari Singh

“Today is his first term and he did say that he is happy to come to school so I am good with it,” she related.

A mother of two, Lisa Hamilton, said she is “really happy that school is open for them but they must be careful as well … so, for now, I have already spoken to them about how they need to conduct themselves and I even give them sanitiser to protect themselves.”

A staff of Mibicuri Nursery School spraying the library

DPI also visited the Lower Corentyne, Black Bush and Canje Secondary schools where vaccination sites were set up for adolescents to be inoculated.

Gaitari Singh, a concerned parent said it is important for everyone to be vaccinated as it protects them from the deadly disease.

A student taking the jab

“I think the vaccine is safe and I think that everybody should take the vaccine because it protects the whole world from this virus and so I advise that everybody take it because it doesn’t have any side effects or anything, maybe a mild fever or slight pain but that is it,” she said.

A student taking the jab

Sherman Haimnarine said citizens need to adhere to the measures outlined by the Government especially getting vaccinated, as the Covid death toll continues to increase daily.

“It is very important that the children get their vaccine because the government is doing its part and to take precaution and care for your children. I think that parents should come out with their children to get vaccinated because this pandemic is very serious and some persons do not take it as it is, but I can tell you that Covid is real,” he cautioned.

A student taking the jab

Natasha James expressed similar sentiments. “I would like to encourage parents to bring their children to take the vaccine because we all want our schools to open and it can only be done when the majority is vaccinated.”

Since receiving 146,250 doses of the Pfizer vaccine from the United States of America, more than 9,900 students between the ages of 12 and 17 have received the first dose.

A student taking the jab