‘One Guyana’ requires action, commitment by all − President Ali

His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali said his government’s ‘One Guyana’ initiative is aimed at putting Guyana first.

The president was at the time speaking to members of the diaspora at a One Guyana Interfaith Forum at the Jamaica Performing Arts Centre in Queens, New York.

President Dr Irfaan Ali delivering the keynote address at One Guyana Interfaith Forum held at the Jamaica Performing Arts Centre in Queens, New York

“If we conceptualise the concept of One Guyana as a phrase, we would not achieve what One Guyana is looking to achieve, because One Guyana is not a phrase, a slogan or pieces of words, One Guyana requires action, commitment, it requires the fulfilment of every single one of us, joining collectively in pushing one thing forward.

Religious leaders adorn President, Dr Irfaan Ali

“I’m not asking anyone to be PPP, APNU… PNC, all I’m asking for in the One Guyana construct, is for all of us to put Guyana first and do what is right in positioning Guyana first, and the rest will take care of itself,” the president said.

There must be individual effort in putting Guyana first and working towards a prosperous and unified country, President Ali asserted.

Overseas-based Guyanese meet with President Dr Irfaan Ali

“Once we are able to understand that our country should be first and our efforts should lead to position our country first, then we will rid ourselves of the selfish desires that bar us sometimes from putting our country first,” he added.

The president noted that the country must be built on values and a system that promotes peace, dignity and honour, and is embodied in the constitution and rule of law.

Overseas-based Guyanese meet with President Dr Irfaan Ali

“We cannot claim to love the country and at the same time find it convenient not to abide by the rule of law or to respect constitutional rule or to respect and honour democracy or the rights or the will of people. Those are principles and values we must never sacrifice and if together we all agree that these are principles and values that are paramount to anyone any individual, any system, whether political system or political party, we are standing on these values that will support the future of the country we want to build,” the president said.

Overseas-based Guyanese meet with President Dr Irfaan Ali

The head of state also informed the gathering about the developments taking place in Guyana, citing rapid growth in all sectors including infrastructure, housing, health, education, and tourism, among others.

A section of the gathering at the Interfaith Forum

He also highlighted a multiplicity of opportunities now that Guyana has the resources to realise its true potential.

The president also and fielded questions from the audience.