Region Eight residents are not left out of development – Min. Sukhai

With Guyana experiencing an unprecedented wave of development, Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai has reassured residents of Mahdia that they too will experience the massive transformation.

Since the government took office on August 2, 2020, Guyanese have seen tremendous development reaching all corners of the country.

A number of roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and hotels are among a plethora of projects being undertaken by the administration.  

On Saturday, Minister Sukhai affirmed that the government is ensuring all Guyanese benefit equally from the resources of the country.

“Whatever opportunities prevail and make themselves available to our government, we will ensure that the entire Region Eight benefits. And even though we may be building skills, building capacities and abilities to do little things that are of concern and challenges to our people, we will continue to ensure that we do not turn a blind eye to it,”  she pointed out.

Deputy Regional Executive Officer, Shawn Britton has attested that Region Eight is receiving the same level of attention from the government that is offered on the coast.

“While infrastructure, roads and buildings are good evidence of development in a society, that is not just limited to that. This government is not just a government that talks about development, it is a government that brings development to the people. This is a government that sees development as something meaningful to each and every single Guyanese, regardless of where you’re from ─ coast to the hinterland,” Britton said.

To date,  the region has benefitted from improved schools, the construction of a state-of-the-art hospital in Paramakatoi, roads and health centres along with health quarters in Karisparu.

On a wider scale, hinterland communities have benefitted from Amerindian land-titling, improved education and health services, the hinterland electrification programme, the Hinterland Scholarship Programme, agriculture development, and a better supply of potable water, among a myriad of other developmental initiatives.