Region Eight residents to benefit from road projects, bridges, agriculture development

The Committee of Supply has approved hundreds of millions in budgetary allocation under the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development for Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).

Residents in the region are set to benefit from major infrastructural works, agriculture, improved education delivery, health and other services. 

Kopinang – Region Eight

The committee approved the amount of $940,445,000 to complete public works and other interventions in the region. 

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall during the consideration of the budget estimates on Wednesday highlighted that the ministry has commenced an extensive road programme in the region. 

Maintenance works will be conducted at Maikwak to Chenapau, Paramakatoi to Karisparu, Kopinang to Kamana, Monkey Mountain to Taruka, Taruka to Yawong, Kurukabaru to Itabac, Tusening to Bamboo Creek, Kato to Kawau Bridge (the shortcut), and Kurukabaru to Kamana.

As it relates to improving access in the region, maintenance of bridges will be done in several areas which include Tusening (two bridges), Itabac, Bamboo Creek, Chenapau, and Paramakatoi.

The minister added that more road works will be conducted in Campbelltown this year.

As it relates to the status of the road project from Wrong Turn to the Airstrip, Minister Dharamlall said, “The PPP/C Government will complete the road despite all of the challenges the last government placed on the people of Mahdia.”

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats, and outboard engines will also be procured to improve transportation in the region. 


Education delivery will be accelerated with the amount of $325.5 million in the region.

As government remains committed to education delivery regardless of location, Kato Secondary school will be completed and provisions will be made for schools and educational facilities. 

Additionally, the minister stated that meals are being provided to students at the three dormitories at Kato, Paramakatoi, and Mahdia.


Some $196,500,000 was also approved to enhance the health sector, to complete maintenance works at the Taruka health post, Kopinang Health Centre, Maikwak Health post, Paramakatoi’s staff quarters for the doctor, Monkey Mountain Health Centre, staff quarters at Kanapang, staff quarters within the compound of the Mahdia District Hospital, and the Regional Health Officer (RHO) staff quarters.

Provisions will also be made for the oxygen supply system at the Mahdia District Hospital. 


Agriculture remains a priority of the PPP/C Government to reduce the food import bill and increase food productivity, as such, a shade house will be constructed at the Mahdia Secondary school. 

Some $15.7 million was approved to enhance regional administration and financial services which include buildings, furniture and equipment (staff quarters), land and water transport, and furniture and equipment (administration).