Region Nine residents undergoing ICT Hub Managers training

Region Nine residents are sharpening their skills and knowledge through the cohort four Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Hub Managers training provided by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Participants will learn the fundamentals and complexities of computers and their systems.

Some of the participants undergoing training

During the two-week session, they will undergo theoretical and practical exercises in ICT Management which includes software development, network planning, and tech support, among others.

While learning about computers and their proper function, participants can also teach and impart these skills to other villagers.

The training programme, offered at ICT hubs and facilities in North and Central Rupununi, and Region Nine, will also create new opportunities for hinterland residents by equipping them with advanced IT skills.

Participants undergoing training

The ICT Access and E-services for Hinterland, Poor and Remote Communities programme has seen the government construct fully equipped ICT hubs in almost all Amerindian villages across the country.

Additionally, the construction of ICT hubs aims to give hinterland residents equal opportunities as coastlanders, such as easy access to online information through efficient internet connectivity via WiFiGY, another notable initiative by the Office of the Prime Minister.

So far, about 100 hubs have been built, with over 50 already operationalised with the necessary amenities, including free internet access.