Region Six students vaccinated against COVID-19

Scores of children, accompanied by their parents flocked various vaccination sites in Region Six to get inoculated in time for the reopening of schools on Monday, September 6.

The initiative implemented by the Government last month, focuses on immunising children between the ages 12 to 17 to provide a safe environment for face-to-face learning.

Student, Kirstin Reece

DPI visited the Skeldon High, Winifred Gaskin Memorial and New Amsterdam Multilateral schools where the Pfizer vaccine was being administered.

Parent, Faaneesa Eelmodeen said, “I think it is important because it is a sacrifice that everyone should make in order to get a normal country and if everyone do the same thing then I guess everything goes back to normal as soon as possible. It is important because health is the first thing we think about when it comes to our children.”

Carol James, a concerned parent said that her daughter’s education is something she is serious about especially since school has been closed for such a long time. As such, she said this requirement by the Government is one she can adhere to.

“I already have my first dose and waiting for my second one.”

Parent, Carol James

Shameika, her daughter agreed that schools have been closed for far too long and it was time to return to school to recover learning losses.

Nathan Singh, a student from New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary said he is grateful to the Government for allowing the exercise which will ensure everyone returns safely to school.

“I miss my school experiences and so this approach is good in a way because it has been difficult to learn online because some children have no access to the internet or enough resources to do the school work at times.”

Kirstin Reese, a student from New Amsterdam Multilateral said Covid has made daily activities difficult. As such, she said persons should be vaccinated.

“Reopening schools is a good idea because a lot of students may not have internet and it is important because we need to do practical and you cannot do that over the screen.”

Shamar John, another student of New Amsterdam Multilateral said, “you have to get vaccinated to get to re-enter school. Personally, I think that in order for me to pass CSEC and get maximum grades I have to get knowledge from my school. It is better than homeschooling.”

Student, Shamar John

Last month, the Government received 146,250 doses of the Pfizer vaccine from the United States of America. The Education Ministry began the distribution of consent forms to parents of over 50,000 students in secondary schools to get inoculated.