Regional collaboration necessary for energy security – Foreign Secretary Persaud

Given the current economic climate and the issues faced by the region, Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud has reiterated the importance of regional collaboration in tackling these issues.

Speaking at the International Energy Conference and Expo at the Marriott Hotel on Tuesday, he highlighted that at this stage, Guyana is in the phase of implementing concrete, strategic efforts to foster regional collaboration.

Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud during the break out session at the International Energy Conference on Tuesday

“The bustling, in terms of activity, to forge, and the commitment and hype of activities to develop and deepen that type of collaboration and cooperation, it means that we are no longer just talking about it, but we are looking at specific action.”

He added that a key partner for collaboration is the private sector, and this is one that the government is looking to take advantage of.

“It is an exciting time, and we are already seeing results. But we need to identify the strengths that we all possess, and how it is that we can have a synergistic, rather than a competitive relationship, how we can merge that strength and become a competitive force globally,

“If we’re able to collaboratively address energy security, we would also be able to deal with some of the burning issues,” the foreign secretary asserted.

Mr Persaud also ‘mentioned the cost of energy posing a challenge to the prosperity of Guyana’s agro-industry, hindering its elevation to more large-scale production measures. The revolutionising of the energy sector could make it easier to ramp up production, bringing the country, and the region on a macro level, and making it easier to achieve food security.

Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud and other panelists during the break out session at the International Energy Conference on Tuesday

Moreover, he expressed hope that these forums can spur conversations that can provide the platform for not only additional implementation but also a dedicated and concerted policy focus.

The foreign secretary emphasised the need for healthy competition, and made an appeal for stakeholders to work together.

“It is crucial that we focus first and foremost on the opportunities that are there for the country so that we can advance.”

Mr Persaud noted that the country is looking to develop local industries outside of the oil and gas sector, to extend the economic reach beyond regional borders.