Residents laud completed roadworks in Berbice

During a two-day outreach to East Berbice- Corentyne (Region Six), Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill interacted with hundreds of residents, inspected ongoing and completed infrastructural works, and made several announcements regarding new developments in store for the county.

Aubrey Hunt, a resident of Little Africa, engaging with Minister Edghill

Residents of various communities in the areas of Crabwood Creek, Little India, and Little Africa lauded the government’s interventions, many pointing out that this was the first time in years any such measures had been taken to enhance their lives.

Minister Edghill interacted with residents of Crabwood Creek, Little India and Little Africa

Latchmie Persaud, a Crabwood Creek resident, recalled, “…the condition of the road was bad, and we were waiting years, so we feel nice now that we have a new road.”

Minister Edghill standing alongside Sumaria Katoom, a resident of Crabwood Creek

Indra Dit expressed similar sentiments, noting, “there was just a mud dam here, so it’s much better now. There’s easier access to everyone.”

Latchmie Persaud

An excited 78-year-old Sumaria Katoom, also of Crabwood Creek, said, “we now have a brand new road. We are very happy about this. Before, we used to have a mud dam, and now we have a beautiful road. You can walk in or out.”

Indra Dit

Bobby Davis, a resident of Little India said, “we’re very satisfied with the road. The area is now more secure.”

Terron Nelson

Meanwhile, residents of Little Africa were also grateful for the government’s intervention.

Raven LaRose

Raven LaRose said, “they did the road nice …we now get to walk through the street, so I have no complaints.”

Another resident, Terron Nelson divulged, “I am grateful that this work has been done, because since we came to this community, the road has been really bad, and I am happy that we can now walk, ride and drive on this road now. I must say thanks to the government, and on behalf of the people of Little Africa, we thank you.”

A section of the completed works

Further, Aubrey Hunt offered his words of appreciation, saying, “It was a great job that the government did. We are so happy about it because it really brightened up the community. We’re so thankful for the help from the government because we were in a really swampy and muddy environment. We’re also thankful for Minister Edghill because he came here and did his best, and was very cooperative.”

The work was undertaken by the Public Works Ministry’s Special Projects Unit, and many residents remarked on how swiftly construction was completed. This was the culmination of a visit by Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo to these communities in June of last year, where residents raised several concerns, including the upgrading of roads and rehabilitation of drainage structures.