RHOs must build bridges, advance healthcare – Min. Cummings to RHOs

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Regional Health Officers (RHO) conference, that will run from April 18 to 20, will see these health officials being trained in several areas that will build competence in performing administrative duties in their respective regions.

The gathering of RHOs and other regional health officials pays attention to a presentation.

More than 20 Public Health representatives from across the country, including the hinterland, are being facilitated by the exercise, which began today, at the Grand Coastal Inn.

The overall theme for this meeting of RHOs is to ‘collaboratively build a resilient health care system that is acceptable, accessible, timely and appropriate to meet the needs of every person in Guyana’.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings, reiterated the need for such an important capacity building exercise. She said that through the Regional Health Service the ministry is more effective in filtering health care services to all regions, especially to the far-flung areas. “The Regional Health Services Department through these RHOs must build bridges and establish mutually beneficial relationships in order to be able to advance the work of the ministry”, the minister explained.

For the RHOs to achieve and maintain excellent health service delivery, it was pointed out that, there must be an investment into managerial and administrative capacities of point persons such as RHOs to function effectively, maximizing health care.

The minister added that as a team, the ministry is, “unfailing in our pursuit of excellence. As you (RHOs) go back to your respective regions, ensure that you strengthen relationships with your respective regional authorities (your REOs, Deputy REOs) collectively, seek to align your visions with that of the government.”

Areas outlined for training for the three-day training include emotional intelligence and cultural awareness, healthcare promotion and Information Communication and Technology (ICT)in Health service delivery, supervisory management, communication in health care delivery and financing in health care.


By: Delicia Haynes