Saucing it up with Alchio’s

─UG graduate turns to agro processing

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, July 27, 2019

Kishan Ramesh is a 23-year-old with a vision to take agro-processing to a new frontier. In 2018, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and Forestry under his belt, Ramesh felt the desire to create a product that would stimulate the taste buds of Guyanese.

The University of Guyana graduate and Crabwood Creek resident is the creator of “Alchio’s”- a chilli flavoured dipping sauce that is currently creating waves on the local markets across the country. The sauce is prepared from a variety of quality local ingredients and has a mouth-watering flavour and aroma that enhances any dish it is paired with.

The young entrepreneur told the Department of Public Information (DPI) initially his plans did not involve becoming an agro-processor. However, whilst pursuing studies at the Tain campus he was introduced to the benefits of the industry from his lecturers Sherena Persaud and Ashmi Mangal, and his interest was piqued.

“It was through their courses that I learnt about the components required for manufacturing a value-added product and how to market said products. There was something creative about making a finished product. That is when I became interested in pursuing agro-processing.”

He recalled that it took some time before he could settle on a product that would appeal to Guyanese. Being a “foodie” with the desire to “support local” he soon realised a unique blend of dipping sauces was needed.

“I noticed there wasn’t anything unique that works with almost every dish other than ketchup, and I was eager to make something that had those characteristics or even better. Through many tries in the kitchen, I came upon a sauce that was perfect in taste and was well balanced”.

After several attempts, “Alchio’s” was successfully created. He noted that each bottle of sauce is carefully crafted to represent the diversity in Guyanese flavour with the promise of maintaining quality.

Speaking about the brand he explained, “In selecting a brand I wanted to think of a name that would show customers that it is a quality product and I also wanted it to become a household. After careful research ‘Alchio’ was selected which is a derivative of the Greek word “icho” which means to echo or resonate since his product “resonates with quality.”

The budding entrepreneur said he will be creating various new products that will hit the local and international markets as he seeks to expand his business. “We want to manufacture only new products with unique tastes, although the rollout of new products may be slower than other companies, our products will have a new and unique taste. At present, our primary goal is to let people know about our brand and our products. We want to be a household name that people must feel an attachment towards.”

Meanwhile, Consumer Zaleena Ali said she was introduced to the product when she visited the Regional Agriculture and Commercial Exhibition (RACE) that was held in Region 6 last month. Ali told the DPI, she was surprised with its distinctive flavour and immediately purchased two bottles which her family also took a liking to it. Ali said when the stocks depleted, she was skeptical that the one on the shelves would not taste the same but was amazed that it had the same distinct taste and freshness and is affordable.

Ramesh said they are many opportunities available for agro-processors in Guyana. He encouraged others who are interested to tap into the opportunities and take advantage of all of our local products and the value-added content that can be derived from them.