Scores turnout at National Stadium for COVID-19 vaccine

Hundreds of students and parents continue to visit vaccination sites across the country to get immunised against the deadly COVID-19. Several students, at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, shared that they took the vaccine in preparation for the reopening of schools.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) visited the vaccination site where scores turned out to receive their jabs.

Student, Dhanesh Tularam, said he wanted to take the vaccine, as he recently enrolled to Queen’s College but was never able to attend face- to-face sessions.  

“I recently wrote the NGSA exams and never got to attend QC so now I want to go to face -to- face classes and I’m really excited to go and see the school to further my education.”

Another student, Varshanie Rampersaud related that she was eager to take the vaccine as it is necessary for her to travel.

“I took the Pfizer vaccine and I got this vaccine because I really want to travel and it required to go to most places and I also want to go to college”, she noted.

Varshanie Rampersaud speaking with DPI

Yuvraj Tularam said he took the vaccine as he wanted to return to school.

“I took the vaccine Pfizer today, it was good. I took it to go back to school because I want to go back to school”, he said.

Student, Yuvraj Tularam

Omadai Bharat, like Tularam, said, “the reason why I take the vaccine is to go back to school,”

While the vaccination drive was primarily focused on the adolescent population, many adults were also able to receive their jabs.

Ken Sukhu, who is from Venezuela, said it’s difficult to get the vaccine in that country. He encouraged others to take the vaccine. “I took the vaccine because remember you protecting yourself, protecting your family, people around you, workmates, you understand. So basically, it’s something good, you know, it’s just something to protect yourself from this Covid, the virus.

Ken Sukhu speaking with DPI

“I come from Venezuela you understand and in Venezuela, you could notice it’s another country and it hard to get the vaccine. Here they giving the vaccine and just actually begging the people to come collect the vaccine and they not coming.  If you go Venezuela, you could see the issue over there, people begging for the vaccine and not getting it. So, should make good use of it man”, he said. The Government’s vaccination campaign will continue in various parts of the country in the coming days.