Sunken dredge affecting medical supplies reaching Issano

GINA, GUYANA, Tuesday, October, 4 2016

The Ministry of Public Health may soon have to airlift medical supplies to Issano if efforts to remove the dredge blocking the Mazaruni River channel fail.

The sunken dredge or ‘dragga’ in the Mazaruni River is affecting the supply of drugs to health facilities that serve a number of villages along the Mazaruni River. The dredge belongs to Crown Mining Company

Director of Regional Health Services, Dr. Kay Shako is hoping that the channel could be cleared so that supplies could be delivered by the end of this week. However, if efforts to salvage the dredge are unsuccessful, the ministry’s next option will be to transport drugs by air.

Jospehine Murphy, Medex, Issano Health Centre.

Jospehine Murphy, Medex, Issano Health Centre.

Medex at the Issano Health Centre, Josephine Murphy told the Government Information Agency (GINA), that since the sinking of the dredge in June, there has been a difficulty in getting medical supplies to the Health Centre. . “At present, for the first time since the pontoon was in the channel we ain’t (have not) really getting no drugs coming up and we usually use the jet boat.” Medex Murphy explained.

Murphy explained that prior to the sinking of the dredge, the Health Centre received drugs in a timely manner.

Over the weekend, the government engaged a salvager to remove the dredge. A site visit was made on Saturday last.

Meanwhile, Medex Murphy noted that the Combined Received and Issued Vouchers (CRIVS) system had been working effectively for the region’s accountability of drugs and other medical supplies. She said the system was used efficiently and completed in a timely manner resulting in a stable drug and medical supply inventory.

“Normally when, before we run out of drugs, we order in advance so by the time, before it finish we getting stocks both Issano, Isenero. … well Kurupung use air flights but we use the river,” Murphy explained.

The health care worker, further told GINA that Isanno has not had any challenges in the health sector in terms of providing quality health care. Moreover, the hinterland communities have not had any major reports of any serious illnesses or chronic diseases.

Issano is a landing community giving access to mining lands as well as neighbouring Isenero. The health centre at Issano serves an estimated population of just over 100 persons. Persons traversing mining areas would seek medical attention at the health centre.


By: Delicia Haynes