Technology in natural resources sector

DPI, Guyana, Friday, August 23, 2019

As a prelude to the start of Mining week, the Ministry of Natural Resources held a public symposium featuring presentations centred around Information Technology as a multiplier in the Natural Resources Sector and Water as a Resource.

The symposium, which was kept at the Umana Yana, featured presentations Using Mineral Property Management Data Platform to Improve Mining and the use of Geospatial Technology in Natural Resources Management.

The forum is a move by the ministry to become more involved in mining week activities. Mining week is held annually during the latter part of August. This edition would have focused on the use of technology as a multiplier in the sector.

“Today, we are meant to discuss, not just mining, but the synergies between technology and what is happening in the forest, the displacement of forests because you can’t have mining without some form of disturbance,” Minister Trotman told those attending.

The minister commented on the current wildfires occurring within the Amazon that has been raging for well over two weeks now.

“I was reminded by the chair of the GFC this morning, that forests have no borders, and so, we ought not be standing on issues or platforms of sovereignty, and who comes with what money to do what, this is an international situation. I refrain from using the word crisis but perhaps it is to be described as a crisis that needs our attention, so we stand ready in whatever way we can.”

Following the presentations, Panel Discussions were conducted on water as a resource, delivering water in coastal riverain and hinterland communities, protecting and preserving water sources and working with nature to provide water infrastructure.