“The sky is the limit” – Min. Norton urges Kuru Kuru Trainees

―pleased with the level of work by instructors

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Minister of Social Cohesion, with responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, Hon. Dr. George Norton, on Wednesday, spearheaded a tour of the Guyana Youth Corps, Kuru Kuru Training Centre, to witness its daily accomplishments and procedures.

Guided by the Senior Trade Officer, Ernestine Wade-Ramsey, Minister Norton, accompanied by Acting Director of Youth, Leslyn Boyce, visited the ten faculties of the learning facility.

The centre caters for 218 trainees, who are mainly involved in various disciplines such as, electrical installation, carpentry, garment production, welding and fabrication, plumbing, among other trades.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) after his visit, the Social Cohesion Minister happily expressed his satisfaction with the management of the training centre.

“I am impressed, there is no doubt about it. I have seen the boys making blocks – involved in the actual mixing of cement and they all seem excited. I listened to the students explain the working of a motor in the mechanic class. And while it may appear as if they have been here a while, this is only their first week… Most of all I am overwhelmed with the Information Technology area where there is internet now available for the trainees, thanks to the Minister of Telecommunication, the Honourable Catherine Hughes.”

His Excellency, President David Granger has a vision to transform the Kuru Kuru Training Centre into a youth campus, and in this regard, following today’s visit, Minister Norton noted this will become a reality soon. In terms of expansion, he underscored that several units will be established – providing satisfactory space for more student intake and additional equipment to be installed.

Based on her observations, the Acting Youth Director, Leslyn Boyce said the students are benefiting from improved equipment and upgraded facility. She explained that the Youth Department is prepared to further elevate the current status of the college’s credentials. According to Boyce, for the school year 2019-2020, three skilled areas will be certified in the Caribbean Vocational Qualification Level One.

“That is a plus too for this institution. As I said I am very happy that we are moving, thanks to the Honourable Minister who would have embraced and ensured that the facilities and the requests which are more or less made by the managers are being fulfilled,” Boyce said.

Information Technology Instructor, Shivram Sukhdeo said with the installation of new internet services just two weeks ago, successes are already being seen. “The trainees now have access to the World Wide Web. If they want to do research they can go to the library and access the internet there, or they can access it in the data operation lab. Before we had to go to Sophia or in Georgetown to access the internet but now it is right at our fingertips.”

The Guyana Youth Corp, Kuru Kuru Training Centre, equips young people from all ten administrative regions with the necessary skills for them to become productive citizens. The corps reflects the government’s emphasis on consolidating its youth initiative to have a stronger focus on employment and job creation.