Tour operators trained in service delivery, business development

Several tour operators nationwide have recently benefitted from service delivery, tour guide, and business development training aimed at improving the customer service provided by representatives of various establishments.

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) hosted the sessions at the National Exhibition Centre on Friday.

Twenty-eight participants were guided through the importance of customer service, proper etiquette, and the value of various hospitality techniques.

Persons who participated in the tour guide training

This ensures all visitors receive the highest quality of customer service consistent with local and international standards.

Meanwhile, the 25 participants of the tour guide training were taught about the role of tour operators, and how they must be adequately prepared to host travellers through effective leadership, communication, and group management techniques.

Participants being engaged during the business development toolkit training

The training has since equipped them to deal with any situation that may arise on a trip. Along with the attitude of tour operators and preparedness, these persons must also learn how to create fun and excitement for their customers.

As such, the business development toolkit has guided participants through strategic areas of business development and how they can implement these areas in the daily operations of their businesses. A total of 50 persons participated in this training.

The frequent hosting of training programmes by GTA is not only to equip persons with new knowledge but to improve the country’s overall tourism sector, and the experiences for both local and international visitors.

Guyana is the only country where most tourism products and experiences are run by private persons or a village itself.

The government’s objective is to constantly train these persons and villagers about new techniques to keep attracting tourists.

The training is also being done to ensure that Guyana becomes the premier tourism destination with excellent services.