Troy Henry and Edward Jameson, first two Guyanese to complete the ascent up the prow of Mount Roraima

Guyana-Undiscovered-Feature-ImageGuyana Tourism Authority Press Conference

Georgetown, Guyana – Friday, December 20, 2019

On Wednesday December 18, 2019 the Guyana Tourism Authority, in the presence of Honourable Minister of State Dawn Hastings-Williams and Vice President & Honourable Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs Sydney Allicock hosted a press conference at the Guyana Marriott Hotel honouring an unquestionably amazing feat.

Leo Houlding, an international climber, his team (Ann Taylor, Waldo Etherington, Wilson Cutbirth, Dan Howard and Matt Pycroft), along with Guyanese locals from the Indigenous village Phillipai, Troy Henry and Edward Jameson completed the 600m exhilarating yet equally rewarding climb to Mount Roraima’s prow on December 3, 2019. Henry and Edwards are the first two Guyanese to be recorded to ever complete this incredible journey.

“I have a mind to climb it. I just want to see the view from the top,” said 59 year old Jameson who, along with Henry simply wanted the experience. Their achievement is impressive and deserves the utmost recognition.

The team completed a 53km trek through pristine, untracked jungle towards their starting point. Following the same route as the British expedition of 1973 led by Joe Brown and Don Whillans, the team reached “Tarantula Terrace” (aptly named) and forged a new route along virgin territory. With loose rock, huge overhangs, and unpredictable weather, the team free-climbed their way to the prow.

The fearlessness and determination of the two locals was solidified by Troy Henry, as he gave his remarks at the press conference via translator Loraine George, “he is a human and I am a human too. If he could do it, I could do it too.”

Honourable Minister of State Mrs. Dawn Hastings-Williams expressed her gratitude to Houlding and his team for taking up this challenge and allowing Henry and Jameson the opportunity to experience this national wonder. She urged them to “encourage other young people in [their] communities,” to recognize that “this is the beginning of a very special community tourism activity.”

Echoing her sentiments, Vice President and Honourable Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs Sydney Allicock congratulated the team on their achievement. He further stated that, “The knowledge of our Indigenous People is key to any venture of this kind. The forest is our backyard, the eco systems demand our respect and that is what we treat it with.”

Veteran climber, Houlding expressed his fascination with the way Jameson and Henry handled themselves throughout the expedition. He remarked at their ability to quickly adapt in an activity that they have never done before. Jameson and Henry, equipped only with cassava bread, water and their skills introduced the climbers to an authentic Indigenous way of life that will forever be embedded in their memories.

About the Guyana Tourism Authority: The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) is a semi-autonomous governmental organisation responsible for developing and promoting sustainable tourism in Guyana through collaboration with sister agencies and the tourism private sector in order to maximise local socio-economic and conservation outcomes and improve the visitors’ experience. The GTA is focused on Guyana becoming recognised locally and internationally as a premier destination for protecting its natural and cultural heritage, providing authentic experiences and maximising local economic benefits.

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