Vulnerable persons to benefit extensively from budget 2022

Citizens, young and old can look forward to new and improved services from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, with the recent budgetary allocation of $30 billion.

This declaration was made by Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindya Persaud, M.P, during the second day of the budget debate at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) on Tuesday.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindya Persaud, MP.

She said the budget speaks of resoluteness, and steadfastness and that, “the facets of the budget integrate and interlock to provide a holistic, comprehensive approach to families across the country.”

The allocation will be utilised to improve the various departments within the Human Services Ministry, to enhance the livelihood of citizens.

Old Age Pension

In the PPP/C Administration’s first term in office, old age pension was increased by 37 per cent, from $20,500 to $25,000. It is set to be further increased to $28,000, placing a sum of $2.3 billion in the hands of senior citizens countrywide.

Minister Persaud, went on to state the government’s dedication to incrementally increasing pension.

“We are committed to consistently increasing that pension until pensioners are at the point as promised by the manifesto.”

To further assist old age pensioners, the human services ministry ensured the elderly nationwide, received their pension books early. This will enable pensioners to uplift their yearly booklets every six months.  In addition, pension payments can now be made at a number of alternate venues to avoid senior citizens joining long lines.


From budget 2022, a sum of $172 million will be expended to provide training programmes for women and men to build the country’s human resource. The, ministry will train 4,000 women, providing them with the skills to cope with the demands of a growing economy, while bridging the gaps of gender equality.

To further bring this into fruition, the ministry commissioned the expansion of the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute (GWLI) to offer culinary skills training creating more jobs for women.

The Women’s Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) has already enabled the  upskilling of 2,170 women in diverse, technical, vocational and information communication technology (ICT) programmes in every region.

Vulnerable Persons

With the budgetary allocation, persons will benefit from a public assistance increase amounting to some $385 million.

Persons living with disability will receive training from an all-inclusive training facility within the first half of the year.

A facility which caters to the needs of persons with special needs will commence construction soon. The institution will create a safe environment for children and young adults.

In addition, the Sophia drop-in centre is undergoing construction to include a new kitchen facility, dining hall and recreational hall for children to the tune of $38 million.

The ministry will continue to focus on eliminating gender-based violence in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs.