‘We’re building a country where every Guyanese can prosper’ – President Ali reiterates at diaspora engagement

Guyana continues to experience massive transformation across all sectors, and President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has assured the diaspora that the government is guided by a One Guyana concept which ensures every single Guyanese bears the fruit of development.

The Head of state reiterated this at a diaspora engagement held in Queens, New York on Thursday evening.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali as he addressed a packed diaspora audience on Thursday

To achieve this ambitious but significant vision, the administration, he noted, is pumping large fiscal resources to improve health, education, social services, public infrastructure, food, and energy security among others.

“When I speak about One Guyana, it is not only the culture or the ethnicities coming together. One Guyana is a Guyana that gives opportunity and brings prosperity to every single Guyanese in economic wealth and brings positive change in the life of every single Guyanese,” President Ali emphasised.

Ministers of Government, Ambassadors and members of diplomatic corps listen to President Ali address

Guyana’s economy is also being diversified so that the country can be positioned as a leader in the regional and global sphere.

This economy, he said, will be built on innovation, research and development, scientific advancement, and high-end, high-skilled, and high-value jobs.

“That is the type of economy we are building, we want to build a health and education system that is second to none. That is why we’re building six new regional hospitals, a new maternal and child hospital and we’re working on the conceptual plan for a new teaching, hospital and research facility in Georgetown.”

He noted that prosperity is not only being sought for the Guyanese but also for the Caribbean and South American regions.

“Just imagine that in years, we’ll be able to drive from French Guiana all the way to Brazil up to Colombia with the type of infrastructure investments that we’re putting in,” he expressed.

The efforts of the government are being recognized globally, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) highlighting that Guyana has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, owing to the government’s aggressive modernization plans. In addition, the IMF noted the improvements made by the government to ensure transparency and accountability in the newly found oil and gas industry.

He added, “They [IMF] lauded those policies, they lauded our efforts in climate change and they spoke about our leadership in climate change, they spoke about our efforts on food security, they spoke about improvement in the governance system.”

President Ali also informed the diaspora of the tremendous growth recorded in the non-oil sectors of Guyana in the first half year.