$19.7M road works commence in Crabwood Creek

Road works have commenced on the rehabilitation of Ballfield Main Access Road in Crabwood Creek, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The works which began on August 24, cost some $19.7 million. They are being executed by the Public Works Ministry’s Special Projects Unit.

It is also the fulfilment of a commitment made by Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill back in June, to have roads done in Crabwood Creek.

Ongoing works in Crabwood Creek, Region Six

Over the next two months, some 75 metres of the road will be upgraded with reinforced concrete, while the carriageway will be widened from nine to 14 feet, along with other miscellaneous works.

Persons from within the community are also employed to execute the project.

Only recently, the public works ministry completed $41.8 million of road works in Little India, Region Six. The works include the construction of 782 metres of concrete roads and improved drainage via the construction of culverts.

That was the fulfilment of a commitment made by Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo.

The PPP/C Administration has committed to improving community roads across the country.

In the 2022 budget, $4 billion was earmarked for infrastructural works in Region Six as part of the government’s push to ensure every Guyanese has improved access. It also forms part of the $15.2 billion earmarked for the construction of miscellaneous roads in Regions, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and 10.

The ministry recently received supplementary funding, approved by the National Assembly to further improve the lives of Guyanese. The money will be expended in local authority areas across the country. The ministry through budget 2022, received a mammoth allocation of $76.7 billion for the construction of roads and bridges countrywide.