300 plus Berbicians to benefit from house lots in first quarter 2022

major infrastructural works moving apace
repairs to several schools completed this year

More than 300 residents will receive affordable house lots in three housing schemes in East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six), before the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Regional Chairman, David Armogan said the infrastructural works are advancing at the Fort Ordnance Housing Scheme in East Canje and the Williamsburg Housing Scheme on the Corentyne.

Regional Chairman of Region Six, David Armogan and Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues, M.P, during the recent commissioning of the water treatment plant at Sheet Anchor, East Canje, Berbice.

He explained that the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) is pushing to complete the road and other prominent structures ahead of the land allocation exercise.

“The minister has said by the first quarter of next year we should be able to allocate house lots in these areas,” the chairman said, in a recent interview with DPI.

Since taking office in August, 2020, the PPP/C Government has committed to delivering some 50,000 house lots within its first term in office.

Through the Ministry of Housing and Water’s Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), thousands of Guyanese can now boast ownership of lands via several housing drive hosted nationwide.

Armogan said the RDC is ready to partner with government to ensure Berbicians also enjoy the services offered by the administration.

“In the Williamsburg area, what we are doing, we are building houses there which will cost about $5.2 million, so people can buy the house on the land,” the chairman relayed.

He said 12 contractors have already been selected to construct the homes.

Meanwhile, the chairman said over 50 asphaltic concrete roads were completed in 2021 across the region, some of which were financed by the Public Works Ministry and others through the RDC’s budgetary allocation.

He said while all the thoroughfares which needed attention were not fixed this year, the RDC was able to address those roads which were deemed priority.

The chairman alluded to the ongoing construction of two major roads at Numbers 52 and 58 villages Corentyne, which will soon give farmers access to 50,000 acres of prime farmlands.

He also spoke about the progressing works at the $100 million Moleson Creek to El Dorado Road project.

Additionally, the RDC was able to conduct major repairs to a number of learning institutions, ensuring proper sanitary facilities are available. Among those were the Berbice High School (BHS) and the New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School (NAMS).