Almost $3.4B in contracts inked for hinterland roads

In a bid to continuously improve accessibility and connectivity within the hinterland communities, contracts totalling almost $3.4 billion were on Thursday signed for roadworks in Regions One, Eight, and Nine.

The contracts will see upgrades to 25 roads, spanning a total length of 282.3 kilometres.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill called for accelerated implementation as the contractors undertake these works, urging them to treat the residents in the various communities with respect in the process.

As such, he urged that they mobilise their equipment swiftly, and ensure their projects are executed in a manner that minimises inconvenience to residents.

The public works minister pointed out that the ministry views contractors as partners in development, and as such, they are expected to carry out a collective mandate of serving people satisfactorily.

“Wherever our people are located, we have to keep the wheels of industry turning. We have to ensure that services are getting to people, that when we get these roads done, the doctors, nurses and education officials can get in. The senior citizens can get their pensions served better [and] better water supply,” he told contractors at the ministry’s Kingston office.

Some of the contractors and representatives gathered to sign their contracts at the Ministry of Public Works on Thursday

“These roads, some will be asphaltic concrete, others will see rigid pavement concrete roads, and others will be laterite based. Overall, since 2020 to now, we have done significant work in terms of improving connectivity within the hinterland communities,” the minister added.

Highlighting the critical role that residents play in holding contractors accountable, the minister issued a stern warning, reiterating that the government will not tolerate ‘lackadaisical’ or ‘shoddy’ work.

The minister also said as the main thoroughfares are upgraded, focus will be placed on ensuring that connectivity from village to village is maintained.

Accordingly, contracts will soon be signed for upgrades to community roads in Amerindian villages in Region Eight, as the government continues to build out a robust infrastructural landscape.