Billions of dollars invested to transform housing schemes countrywide

Billions of dollars have been invested to upgrade existing housing schemes across the country, as government remains dedicated to ensuring that every Guyanese realises the dream of owning a home. 

Government awarded four contracts earlier this year for a combined sum of $2.11 billion to commence construction on the first 109 acres of the 3,000-acre plot of land earmarked for Silica City.

Housing scheme in Region Two

Infrastructure projects along the East Bank corridor for more than 5,000 low, moderate, and middle-income residential house lots and industrial/commercial lots covering over 1,700 acres of land are in progress. The projects being done cost around $19 billion.

Over 1,500 homes are now being built as part of the government’s turn-key project at LBI, Providence, Prospect, Great Diamond, Cummings Lodge, Hampshire/Williamsburg, Fort Ordnance/Fortlands, and Amelia’s Ward. Some of these houses have already been given to allottees, while others are in various stages of construction.

Cummings Lodge Housing Scheme

On the East Coast of Demerara, infrastructure improvements are progressing, giving allottees access to their properties.

Additionally, development is already underway on 210 young professional housing units at La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara, and there are plans for an additional 77 apartments to be built under the same project.

In the La Reconnaissance Housing Scheme, where 1,300 households have already been assigned, the first phase of infrastructural work has begun.

After these infrastructure projects are completed, persons who have been given access to them will benefit from well-designed plans with access to roads, bridges, culverts, and drainage networks.

Housing scheme at Fort Ordnance

Some 700 residential building lots at the Shieldstown Housing Scheme in Region Five are being developed with an investment of about $2 billion as part of the extensive infrastructure development being carried out in that area.

Nearly $4 billion is now being spent on infrastructure improvements at the new housing complexes in Region Five.

Balthyock is currently undergoing almost $600 million in construction, while the Experiment housing development received $1.5 billion in funding. The projects involve building access roads, culverts, and drainage systems.

The initial phase of infrastructure works at Palmyra, Region Six, which include clearing land and other preliminary work, will cost about $7 billion.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali announced earlier this year that Palmyra would get over $10 billion in investments. 

Over 700 homes are included in the housing development plans, which serve a mix of people with low and moderate incomes as well as young professionals.

The government will provide 600 low-income homeowners in Lethem, Region Nine, with $1 million respectively to help defray the cost of building their homes as part of a $600 million housing plan.

Notably, the government has distributed over 25,000 housing lots in new and existing housing projects since assuming office.