COVID-19 adjustments in place at St. George’s High, St. John’s College

– Minister McCoy impressed

Minister of Public Affairs within the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Kwame McCoy visited the St. George’s High School and St. John’s College to ensure that COVID-19 measures are being observed, as senior students returned to the classrooms today.  

The Minister’s visit was part of a wider Government outreach to secondary schools countrywide.

While COVID-19 is not to be taken lightly, the Public Affairs Minister said the country will be grappling with the pandemic for some time and it is necessary to adapt to the ‘new normal.’

“We look at all that is taking place with our students and our children, there is a huge learning regression. The loss of learning can really have a disadvantageous impact on you the children. So, it was important for us to make sure that we find ways […] to be able to deal with this problem,” Minister McCoy said.

The Government is working to ensure that investments made now cater for a changing world so that Guyana is better able to cope should similar crisis occur.

“We are working to rebuild our infrastructure in terms of the ICT programme that the then PPP/C Government, since 2014, had conceptualised and implemented with a vision and several components which included the One Laptop Per Family, to prepare the society for incidents like these and for the population to be take the advantage of the technology,” he explained.

To this end, Minister McCoy reminded the students of the recent liberalisation of the telecommunications sector, noting that this will bring many benefits.

He also used the opportunity to demonstrate the correct way to wear a mask and stressed the importance of obeying the COVID-19 measures gazetted by the health authorities.

The Minister also inspected both schools thoroughly, noting the social distancing markers in place and signage reminding students to wear their masks.

At St. George’s High School, there are 47 Grade 10 and 46 Grade 11 registered students. Twenty-nine students attended today. Of the 110 Grade 10 students registered in St. John’s College, 69 were present. A shift system has been implemented in the school where Grade 11 students will be taught during the afternoon hours.

Meanwhile, Senior Education Officer, Ms. Fazia Baksh who accompanied the Minister to the schools, said while there were some hiccups, she was pleased with the first day operations. “But if this hadn’t started, we wouldn’t have known areas that can be fixed,” Ms. Baksh said.