“Don’t listen to the rumors spread by these desperate people” – Jagdeo rejects opposition’s contract termination claims

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Dr Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday, strongly rejected opposition lies that the government has revoked contracts and intends to terminate small business grants in various communities, specifically in South Georgetown.

These claims were made by the Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton in the aftermath of the Local Government Elections (LGEs) which were held on Monday, June 12.

“Let me say to any person who would have had a contract, even in an APNU stronghold, any part of the country… it’s a rumor that we have rescinded any contract. So please don’t listen to the rumors spread by these desperate people,” Dr Jagdeo said, during his weekly press conference at Freedom House, Robb Street, Georgetown.

On the issue of the small business grants, the general secretary emphasised that the government remains committed to providing these grants to qualified individuals across the country.

The opposition also claimed that the PPP plans to terminate part-time workers in these areas.

“Only a party that has no shame would lie like this… we are not firing any part-time worker. In fact, we hope to expand this scheme,” the GS assured.

He also made it clear that the PPP has never engaged in tactics as the opposition of pressuring workers to vote for the party.

“We never asked the part-time workers, like they would have done, bully them into voting for the PPP… APNU would have bullied them, they have a long history of doing that,” Dr Jagdeo said.

He also noted that the PPP will ensure that incoming APNU councillors, particularly in areas like Linden, do not revoke contracts that are currently being carried out by individuals believed to be supporters of the governing party.

“What we will ensure, however, is Deron Adams and Sharma Solomon and the others don’t get their hands on these people’s contracts so that they can convert them into their own use. We know what they have done in the past. It will not happen and we will not allow them to bully and intimidate the voters, ” he asserted.

Highlighting the achievements made in the strongholds of the APNU during the elections, the general secretary has affirmed that the party will fulfill every commitment made during the campaign leading up to the elections.