Gov’t keeping an ‘eye out’ for non-performing contractors – Minister Edghill

Minister of Public Works, Bishop, Juan Edghill, M.P, said government is paying attention and keeping an eye out for non-performing contractors. This he said, will ensure Guyanese benefit from efficient and quality work for their tax-paying dollars.

Minister Edghill said the legislative framework for blacklisting contractors is with the Ministry of Finance but even without that, government is keen on who it hires.

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill on a recent visit to an ongoing project.

“I can tell you, at the ministry, when it comes to award of contracts, we have a responsibility to ensure that when we are engaging a contractor, it is someone who has the reputation and someone who could get the job done. So, while there is no legislation, we are keeping a very clear eye out on non-performing contractors, contractors who lack the capability because we want to ensure that our record is clear,” the minister stated.

He noted further that this will be done in all sectors. He explained that, “over the year that we have been there at the ministry, I am proud to report to you, we have not had battle in that environment because we have been very very keen, and I can say that is happening across sectors, in the absence of legislation that is happening across sectors.”

The minister said his ministry accomplished 85 per cent of all capital works for 2021. The remaining 15 per cent accounts for two projects that are still at the procurement stage and are receiving foreign funding. Those projects are the Ogle to Diamond bypass road and the Linden to Mabura Hill road.

President Dr, Mohamed Irfaan Ali in November 2021, met with contractors executing government contracts. At that meeting, he advocated for quality work, expediency and accountability while explaining that government has a mandate to improve the lives of every Guyanese.

“Every ounce of my energy and the cabinet’s energy, and the technicians’ energy, will be at achieving that mandate in the interest of Guyana and every single Guyanese, and you’re a part of that,” President Ali told the contractors.

The President said at the end of his government’s first term in office, they will be judged based on performance. Hence the Head of State said it is important that the contractors ensure quality is maintained as Guyana continues to go through a revolutionary period of growth and development.