‘Justice delayed is not justice denied’ – COI Commissioner

– Lindo Creek COI hosts outreach in Linden

Lindeners urged to speak up

DPI, Guyana, Friday, May 11, 2018

A team from the Commission Of Inquiry (COI) into the Lindo Creek Massacre, travelling to the site, held a public outreach in Linden on Wednesday, May 9.

Commissioner of the COI, Ret’d Justice Donald Trotman, told Lindeners, that justice will be served despite the 10-year delay. He told the residents that it was crucial to host the outreach since they may have pertinent information that can assist the case greatly.

Commissioner of the Lindo Creek COI, Justice Donald Trotman at the centre of the Head Table, being flanked by Regional Leaders and other COI officials.

“You members of the community of Linden are part of this inquiry without your support, this commission will be worthless, we cannot do it alone, we want your help and want your support,” he urged.

Justice Trotman made the damning revelation that 10 years ago, a cell phone belonging to one of the miners was found in the streets of Linden. That cell phone, he said, was in the possession of a soldier.

“One of the deceased miners had a cell phone and this cell phone was found on the streets in Linden, picked up by a small boy who took it home to his mother. His mother then somehow knew that the cell phone was in the possession of a soldier. If you put two and two together, then that soldier very likely got it from the miner who had it in his possession…the only way that this soldier could have gotten it is if he went to Lindo Creek and got it from the miner; dead or alive,” Trotman revealed.

Revelations were also made by the Commissioner that a bus travelling to Linden from Aroaima, was hijacked by a group of individuals when the massacre occurred and the passengers, as well as drivers, may have first-hand information on what occurred.

One resident of Linden at the outreach told the Commission that a woman would have relayed to him what she saw, but because of the number of persons who hijacked the bus, it was felt nothing could have been done to save the miners.

Members of the commission also utilised the radio and television station in Linden, to make a public announcement, calling on residents who may have information relevant to the matter, to share it with the commission.

Section of the audience at the COI Linden outreach held at Constabulary Hall.

“If you know something wrong and who did it, tell us now, now is the time, you have waited ten years, you can wait no longer, the families of the persons can wait no longer, this government can wait no longer, the people of the country, this nation, can wait no longer, they have waited long enough to know the truth,” Trotman appealed.

Region 10 officials who were present at the outreach pledged their support to assist the commission in appealing to Lindeners. Municipal Councillor Lennox Gasper said that “the tragedy is close to our hearts and occurred right in our backyard.” He urged residents to take full opportunity of the Commission’s presence in the region over and share what they know.

PNCR Chairman Deron Adams said, “we are in full support of President David Granger’s appointment in the COI of the Lindo Creek massacre and we ask all persons that would have information to cooperate with the Commission that participated in the process.”

The commission, Justice Trotman said, will bring justice to the deceased and the minors and applauded President David Granger and his administration for returning justice to Guyana.

“In the past it was not only elusive but invisible… for the past three years there is an utmost consistent return to justice and much of it that was lost in the past has been regained…..this commission will make sure that  not only their memories will live on but that justice will be given to the cruel death that they have met.”

The team is currently on its way to Lindo Creek. A Public Outreach will also be held in Kwakwani. “We are going with an open mind, at this place, we are not condemning anybody, we are not accusing anybody, and we are not setting out to convict anybody. We will make our findings as we see them; we will make our recommendations as we formulate them and we will lead it to the appropriate authorities to do the rest and will expect that our findings and our recommendations will be helpful to those authorities to do what is necessary,” Commissioner Trotman said.


By: Vanessa Braithwaite


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