Martina Nedd, a Bertram Collins College success story

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, June 2, 2018

Martina Nedd, a receptionist at the Office of the Prime Minister, is one of the many success stories coming out of the Bertram Collins College of Public Service.

The 20-year-old is now five months into her job which entails in part receiving members of the public and taking phone calls on behalf of the Prime Minister.

The Bertram Collins College of the Public Service is the brainchild of President David Granger in his effort to produce a more efficient and modern public service. Cadets are schooled in various practical and theoretical areas of public service and go on to serve a mandatory six-month internship at a government agency.

“I think it was a good vision that the President of Guyana chose (in setting up the college),” Martina told the Department of Public Information between her busy schedule. “It gives young people a chance to experience what it’s like to study while experiencing what it’s like to travel in Guyana. And also it gives us an opportunity to expect the unexpected within the public service.”

Martina says growing up in Soesdyke, East Bank of Demerara taught her discipline, sacrifice and hard work – characteristics she would have to apply at the college.

And as part of her internship, on October 11, 2017, “The International Day of the Girl’, Nedd served as Prime Minister for the day! “That was the opportunity of a lifetime simply because I got to experience what it’s like to be a member of parliament and the Prime Minister of the country and to see what it’s like to be in his shoes for a day.”

“The college was a push start but we did not learn everything there, because many of us had to get the hands on experience and that’s where the six months came in handy.”

Martina observed that the college has prepared her well for her professional life.

By: Nateshia Isaacs

Images by: Shane Clement