Moraikobai being transformed through gov’t initiatives

─ Village benefitting from roll out of solar panels programme

As promised, the roll out of the ‘30,000 solar home systems’ project has begun, with Moraikobai, the only Indigenous community in Region Five already benefitting.

This project will see some 30,000 homes in hinterland communities receiving 150-watt solar PV systems as they become available.

The village of Moraikobai

Toshao, Derrick John noted that residents have already started benefitting from the solar panels.

“We have received 170 of those systems, and so we started distribution, about 95 per cent of residents already collected their systems, some of them already set it up…that system includes two lamps and a solar fan which we never had and I think now with the changing weather, global warming, the place is very heaty and so that fan really come in handy…people are very much happy, they are really excited and they really appreciate this big venture that this government is again investing in Indigenous communities.”

The project was launched to bridge the energy gap between urban and rural areas of the country, while continuing the shift to sustainable, environmentally- friendly electricity sources. It is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Meanwhile,Moraikobai also benefitted from a disbursement of funds obtained from the sale of Guyana’s carbon credits. Toshao John said it will be used to enhance the governance structure of the village and building the capacity of the village council.

Moraikobai Village Office building

The funds will also be used to refurbish the current village council building.

“We will do repairs we will put now washroom facilities; we will also equip it with computers, printers, filing cabinets and so forth so that will be able to equip the council to deliver their roles and responsibilities more effectively in the community,” John noted.

The village has secured a 10-acre plot of land and has also purchased farming implements including a fogging machine, mist blowers, chainsaws and other tools.

The village will also be building a website to help market its tourism, farming and craft.

Toshao John is optimistic that by the end of this year the completion of the projects will see a transformation in the village.