National Assembly approves $2.103B Budget for Region Nine

GINA, GUYANA, Friday, December 16, 2016

The National Assembly last evening approved the sum of $1.63B for Region Nine, Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo. This region borders Region Eight, Potaro-Siparuni to the north, the region of East Berbice-Corentyne to the east, and Brazil to the south and west.

Region Nine is home to the town of Lethem and the communities of Good Hope, Aishalton, and Surama, and covers 57,750Km sq.

The allocated sum will be utilised thus:

Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan

  • Administration-$203.804M
  • Agriculture -$63.060M
  • Infrastructure -Public Works- $317.935M
  • Education -$1.031.296B
  • Health Services -$487.035M

Planned projects for the Region are as follows:

  • Construction of bridges at Rupunau and Baishaidrun-$27M
  • Construction of hatchery at St Ignatius -$5M
  • Upgrading of roads at Culvert City, St Ignatius and Aranaputa -$42M
  • Construction of solar water systems at Wowetta, Rupertee, Markanata, Shulinab , Kumu, Aranaputa, Massara, Kwaimatta and Fly Hill Village -$28M
  • Completion of school annexes and living quarters at Pai Pang, Baishaidrun, Tabatinga, Sand Creek, Karasabai, Quatata and Annai; construction of nursery schools – Yurong Paru and Haiwa; upgrading of electrical system and security lights at Aishalton Secondary School-$90.8M
  • Construction of health post at Fly Hill; construction of sanitary blocks at Yurong Paru, construction of living quarters at Annai; upgrading of Annai Health Center; construction of kitchen and laundry facilities at Lethem Regional Hospital- $55M
  • Construction of culverts at Sand Creek, Kumu and St Ignatius; provision of bridge approach at Karaudarnau -$27.5M

Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan was questioned about the provision of land and water transportation, the type of transportation to be provided, by Opposition Member of Parliament, Yvonne Pearson. Responding, the Minister said the one ATV will be purchased for use by the Deputy Regional Executive Officer, a 4×4 pickup for the Administration and an aluminium boat and a 25 hp outboard engine to be used for payment of salaries and other administrative duties.

Opposition MP, Colin Croal requested that Minister Bulkan provide a breakdown of new contract employees and emoluments. This information will be provided later, the Minister committed.

Opposition MP, Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo asked whether the drugs and medical supplies will be adequate for the region. The Minister responded in the affirmative.

The allocations were all passed at approximately 21:55hrs and the National Assembly adjourned until 10:00hrs on November 20.


By: Paul McAdam