Over 15,000 flood-relief hampers distributed countrywide

-Region 10 most affected

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has distributed more than 15,000 hampers to nine regions affected by flooding due to the recent torrential rains.

Speaking to DPI, CDC Director General, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig said hampers will be distributed to those most in need, particularly those isolated by the floods.

Director General of the CDC, Lt. Col. Kester Craig inspects a farm that has been inundated.

“Approximately 7,000 in cleaning hampers and another 8,000 in food hampers, most of those hampers were given directly to the Regional Democratic Councils based on their assessment and identification of worst impacted areas. And they will now distribute to the various communities and the residents in the areas,” he said.

CDC staff packs hampers to be distributed

Lt. Col. Craig said the hampers are only for persons who are severely impacted by the floods.

“Where you have water accumulation in your home for a prolonged period or if your farms are severely affected and you depend on your farm for your daily living, those people will be given priority.

Flooding in Georgetown

We also have a policy especially if water accumulated over a long period to also give cleaning and sanitation hampers to help clean your homes and to help protect the area, to keep away insects, snakes, et cetera. And there is also bleach that can be used in the water to purify the water because a lot of the water at this time can become contaminated.”

Over 1000 hampers have been delivered to affected persons in Pomeroon-Supenaam (Region Two) and more than 800 hampers have been distributed in Mahaica-Berbice (Region Five).  Almost 4,000 hampers were sent to the East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six), Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo (Region Nine) and Upper Demerara-Berbice (Region 10).

Flooding in Region Six

“We continue to pack hampers. As a matter of fact, we have a system where hampers are being packed almost on a 24-hours basis and those hampers will be dispatched and sent to the different regions, based on the impact assessment provided and the level of impact in the communities. So, we are packing both cleaning and food hampers to distribute to those regions.”

The most affected regions are Region Two, Six, Seven, Nine and Ten.

A house surrounded by flood water

There are already three shelters in Region Nine and two recently established in Region 10 at the Kwakwani Primary and Secondary schools.

“The worst affected in terms of water level impact is Region 10, where you have in the Kwakwani area, all those communities along the river:  Bamboo Landing, Lamp Island, water level there is six-feet and even more.”

Flood relief hampers being delivered to Region 10

Lt. Col. Craig said it is unlikely that there will be more severe floods, especially along the coastland, as there is no alert for above normal high tide.  He said the non-gravity drainage systems such as the kokers, pumps and sluices, must be maximised during this time, to ensure there is little to no flooding.

As the rainy season continues, the DG urged persons to be vigilant and to avoid the flood waters.

Persons affected by flooding are asked to contact the CDC on telephone numbers 226-1027 or 600-7500 (WhatsApp).