Parika/Bartica online ferry booking service commences

The PPP/C Administration, through the Public Works Ministry, is committed to improving ferry services countrywide.

As a further demonstration of this commitment, the Parika/Bartica online ferry booking service has commenced.

Persons will now be able to book their tickets to travel by ferry from the Parika Stelling to Bartica.

According to the Public Works Ministry’s press release, commuters can begin booking tickets as early as Monday, December 5, as the online booking of tickets commenced at 12 noon on Friday. 

Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill, outlined the benefits of the service and urges persons to take advantage of the ease of travelling by ferry.

He said, “As we develop new roads and bridges…build new highways and rehabilitate stellings, our aim is always for the improvement and enhancement of the lives of our citizens. So, we are happy about this online system coming on stream to join the Parika/ Supenaam which was launched back in October because this system will alleviate a greater percentage of the stress associated with travelling, especially for those who travel more frequently.”

The minister affirmed that,“as a government, we are ensuring that we do exactly what we set out to do, which is improving lives.”

The $6.8 million online ticket booking system was launched in October and saves time for persons travelling by ferry.

Additionally, the online system ensures that persons secure a spot on the ferry, especially those persons travelling with vehicles.

To access the online ticketing system and book ferry passes, persons can log on to