Ptolemy Reid Rehab. Centre seeking recognition as National Rehabilitation Complex

− Increase in salary, subvention for Centre

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre has moved well beyond just a centre, as its services and facilities have significantly increased over the years. Therefore, the facility is seeking recognition as a National Rehabilitation Complex which is in keeping with the services it now offers

The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre is a non-profit organisation providing rehabilitation services for children and adults with physical/developmental disabilities, those with amputated limbs and persons with hearing impairment. It offers a rehabilitation programme, vocational training for adolescents and young adults with disabilities and daycare services for children with special needs. The facility also provides dormitory/part-time residence for children with special needs, audiology and manufactures orthotic devices and prosthetic limbs.

The institution is seeking the government’s support to increase staff numeration, hire additional permanent staff and provide scholarships for specialised training for staff employed at the facility.

Cynthia Massey, Rehabilitation Officer attached to the centre explained following an MOU that was signed between the government and the centre in 2017, the government pays several of the centre’s staff and provides an annual subvention which covers about 50% of the facility’s recurrent cost. Massey added that they are currently reviewing the job description of the staff members and its organisational structure since it has expanded its operation.

Minister of Public Service, Hon. Tabitha Sarabo-Halley today, visited the institution located at Carmichael Street, Georgetown, where she got a firsthand look of the services offered. After an extensive tour of the facility, Minister Sarabo-Halley acknowledged that the institution should be recognised for what is it – a National Rehabilitation Complex – particularly as it is the only facility in Guyana that is capable of manufacturing orthotic devices and prosthetic limbs.

The minister has committed to addressing the issues of numeration for the staff, and the rotation of specialised personnel.

What they are being paid is here is …is not in keeping with their skills… and I now have to go and lobby at the next level to ensure that the renumeration is in keeping with what is happening around the world and also a recognition that the job description is in keeping with what they do,” she said.

Currently, staff are rotated between the centre and the Palms Geriatric Home on Brickdam. According to Minister Sarabo-Halley, this arrangement is not in keeping with the facility’s mandate since special attention is required for most of the individuals serviced there. Additionally, she also committed to lobbying for an increase in subvention for the facility.

“In the short term, we can look at the numeration aspect and determine if rotation is best for Ptolemy Reid…Long term, the government has to look at what is happening here and recognise that more funding has to be injected into this critical facility.”