Seven new Toshaos elected in Region Two – two retain their posts following indigenous village elections

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, June 17, 2018

Following the conclusion of village council elections throughout Region Two (Supenaam-Pomeroon), two Toshoas have retained their positions whilst seven new village leaders have sworn in to represent the residents in their communities.

According to Regional Informational Officer, Mark McLean, the new Toshoa of Capoey is Ralph Hendricks who secured his position with 113 votes, replacing Melrose Henry, who attained 89 votes. Meanwhile, Philbert Gudge replaced Harold Marslowe as Toshao of Bethany. Gudge attained 47 while another candidate, Banes Thomas received 36 and Marslowe 34.

In Wakapoa, Howard Corneilius was the Toshao elected with 190 votes replacing Errol Williams who received 165 votes. St. Monica/Karawab saw Thomas Charles assuming the role of village leader with 137 votes whilst candidate Michael Samuels attained 38 votes. Charles replaces James Miguel.

After the votes were counted in Kabakaburi, Sherman Lyte received 93 votes, Orin Thomas 25 votes while Adam Calistro received 43 votes and Nureen Thomas secured 20. Lyte will be replacing former Toshao Cleveland Simon.

Aubrey Fredricks took the title of Toshao of St. Deny’s Tapakuma with 95 votes, replacing former Toshao James Schadde. The other competitors Winsley Pearson and Carmelita Singh received 17 and 24 votes respectively.

In a close election race in Bethany, Philbert Gudge won with 47 votes replacing Harold Marslowe, who attained 34 votes. Their competitor Banes Thomas received 36 votes.

David Wilson retained his position as Toshao of Akawini by a landslide gaining 190 votes. His competitors Rudolph Wilson and James Charles received 90 votes and 15 votes respectively. Wilson pledged to continue efforts to develop his community.

Returning as Toshao of Mashabo is Sylvin Raphael who won with 51 votes. The other candidates Henry Hendricks attained 25 votes whilst Ulric Williams received 26 votes and Gidel Abrams got 33 votes.

The Regional administration said it expects the elected toshaos and their councils to provide efficient and effective management that will ensure the development of their respective communities.

By: Neola Damon