Students encouraged to take advantage of Government programmes

−many training opportunities available
-Min Teixeira

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Hon. Gail Teixeira has encouraged Region Five top performing Caribbean Secondary Examinations Council (CSEC) students, to take full advantage of the programmes and scholarships being offered by the Government.

Minister Teixeira on Saturday addressed the 14 students from Mahaica-Berbice Region, at an awards ceremony held in their honour in De Hoop Village.  Minister of Public Service, Hon. Sonia Parag also attended the ceremony.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Hon. Gail Teixeira presents a trophy to one of the awardees.

“This country has enormous potential, enormous, and so when my friend Sonia talks about scholarships, when the President talks about all these scholarships available, it is about looking at building our nation.

We are talking about the diversities and expansion of agriculture, agro-processing, we will need skilled people in those areas, horticulture, manufacturers. … We have oil and gas companies, others will be skills on the rig, others in procurement et cetera, enormous opportunities out there,” she said.

Minister Teixeira advised the young people not to feel pressured into their life goals immediately. She told them that while they may change their minds many times before eventually deciding on a course, they should embrace the virtues of service to community and country.

Minister of Public Service, Hon. Sonia Parag presents a gift to an awardee.

“It’s okay, you are finding your niche, where you feel content to be useful to yourself, to your families and communities. You have to find the place where you feel you are doing your best, that you feel the most satisfaction in being able to work and study and do well,” she explained.

Region Five’s top CSEC 2020 students

Meanwhile, Minister Parag congratulated the students on their achievement. She noted that education is a priority for the PPP/C Administration and it was providing scholarships for youths desirous of serving after their training.

The students hailed from Rosignol Secondary School, Bygeval Secondary School and Fraser’s Educational Institute.