Tourism authority working to develop 15 tourism products this year

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) is working to launch 15 new tourism experiences this year, as it seeks to ensure that there are diverse tourism products available locally.

According to a recent release from the GTA, some of the work being done by the agency includes refining the Mahaica River Tours to improve the itinerary and service quality.

GTA’s product development team in Moruca

“Site assessments were done to ensure that the experiences included in the official itineraries offered by this operator will be of the highest quality within Region Five.”

The GTA stated that the product is expected to officially launch by the end of the second quarter of 2023.

An outreach was also conducted to Quarrie Village, Central Rupununi, Region Nine. The Quarrie Waterfalls Tour was launched as an official tourism experience by the GTA in 2022.

Paddleboarding in the Rupununi

“This outreach focused on strengthening the experiences offered in the village and providing additional support in areas of tour guiding, itinerary refinement, and improving the quality of service provided,” the GTA stated.

In Addition, the GTA, in partnership with Touring Guyana, executed a product assessment and refinement trip to Adel’s Resort, Santa Rosa, and Waramuri.

Product assessment conducted in Katoonarib Village

“During this activity, the team tested the cycling and canoeing experiences at Santa Rosa, and with the support of the Santa Rosa Tourism Committee, visited the shell mounds at Waramuri and conducted an initial bird assessment at Adel’s Resort,” the authority noted.  

Adel’s Moruca Getaway is expected to be officially launched by the second quarter of 2023.

The GTA, also collaborated with Visit Rupununi to execute a product development outreach to Toka Village, North Rupununi, Region Nine, which focused on eco-lodge and landscape development.

It also handed over a cheque worth $3.6 million to Deputy Toshao, Delano Davis, to aid the village’s enhancement of its tourism package.

The money will go towards completing two cabins in time for the official launch of the Toka Pottery Experience and Tours.

Meanwhile, the GTA, in collaboration with Rupununi Adventures, recently tested a kayaking and paddleboarding experience at Manari Creek, Central Rupununi, Region Nine.

“Once finalised, experienced guides will lead this experience which promises a number of highlights, including kayaking and paddleboarding along a pristine, scenic route.”

This one-hour-and-a-half experience will begin at Manari Bridge and conclude at Manari Ranch.